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Minn Kota Ultrex 36v Control Board Assembly 2774061

Part Number:  2774061V

Old Part Numbers:  2274061, 2294061, 2774061

Minn Kota Ultrex 36v Control Board Assembly

Fits the following Minn Kota trolling motor models:

  • Minn Kota Ultrex BT 112 models from 2017 - Present

Parts included with this assembly:

 Quantity Part Number Part Description
1 2294061 36v Ultrex Control Board
1 2256300 Zip Tie 5-1/2"
2 2223455 Screw #10 - 32 x 1/2" ZP

If you lost steering function, please read:

A. Motor will not steer with foot pedal (foot pedal firm), remote functions are normal.

Corrective Action: Control board is not acknowledging the signals from the foot pedal steering sensor board.  Verify the sensor board is properly plugged into the control board, if plug connection was secure replace the steering sensor board.

B. Motor will not steer with foot pedal or remote, motor locks at either “toe all the way down” or “heel all the way down”, turning the motor by hand away from the limit restores steering, until it is back at either extreme.

Cause: This indicates that the steering limit sensors in the foot pedal base are reversed. With the limit switches reversed when you’ve steered all the way left (heel down) the magnet in the upper foot pedal activates the sensor at the heel of the pedal, which incorrectly signals the control board that it cannot steer any farther right, so it will not steer right, the pedal has also physically travelled as far as it can to the left steer position, so the motor will not allow steering either direction.  Note: Continued attempts to steer in this condition may stress and break steering cables.

Corrective Action: Remove the end of limit sensors from the foot pedal base and reinstall them in their correct positions. Test the motor for proper operation.

C. Motor will not steer with foot pedal or remote, and the foot pedal isn’t at either extreme (“toe all the way down” or “heel all the way down”).

Cause: This indicates either a steering module failure, a lost connection between the control board and the steering module, or no output from the control board.

Corrective Action:

Step 1. Remove the wrap drum cover, disconnect the plug to the steering motor.

  • A. Inspect the sockets on the steering motor side of the connector to look for a faulty/loose socket which may result in an intermittent connection. If the socket is splayed open, replace steering module:

  • B. Apply 12 volts directly to the steering motor. If the steering motor does not run direct, replace the steering module. If the motor does steer direct, observe the amp draw; testing at 12 volts on a bench amp draw should be steady and roughly 1 amp, if the amp draw is high or fluctuating replace the steering module. If a new control board is installed with a steering module that has a high amp draw or fluctuating amp draw it will cause the new control board to fail.  If the steering motor operates and has consistent amp draw continue to Step 2. Note: Steering modules operate at a maximum of 24 volts; 12 volts is adequate for testing and is the effective voltage for steering by i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link.

Step 2. Remove the bottom plate from the foot pedal, disconnect the bullet connectors on the black and white wires coming from the Control Board.  Set your VOM to check voltage, connect the VOM leads to the black and white wires coming from the control board, turn the motor on and send a steering command.  Voltage should be present when sending a steering command from the foot pedal or the remote.  If no voltage is present, replace the Control Board.  Note: Steering output from the control board has a built in 8-amp fuse, if the steering circuit draws in excess of 8 amps the control board will be ruined.  If no steering output is found at the control board the likely cause is either the steering module is drawing high amps or there is a direct short in the wiring to the steering module.

Step 3. If the control board has output and the steering motor functions when direct tested the wire harness from the foot pedal to the steering module is damaged.  Test continuity from the black bullet connector at the steering module to the black wire side of the plug connection and from the white bullet connector to the white wire side of the plug connection to verify that the harness is in fact damaged.  Replace the foot pedal cable wire harness assembly.

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allen summers (Leander, US)

Part fine. Minnkota said controll board bad, replaced it and that was not the prolbem.

Darryl Starkey (Chapin, US)
Experience extraordinaire

excellent communication skills, patience, &expertise to get your order perfect every time-they're the Chick-fil-a of MinnKota parts and now in my contacts.

D Scott Gibson (Hattiesburg, US)

Good work

Randall S

Love the service

Frank M


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