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How to Read Your Serial Number

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Pre 1986 Trolling Motors 

Model Year
"A" Series Early to Mid 1970s
"B" Series Mid to Late 1970s
"C" Series Late 1970s thru 1980
"D" Series Early 1980s
"E" Series Early 1980s
"W" Series 1984-1986 

1986 thru 1992 Trolling Motors and Deckhands (use MK prefix followed by the serial number)

Serial Number Year
1000-32500 1986-1987
32501-655000 1987-1988
655001-985000 1988-1989
985001-1314855 1989-1990
1314856-1578000 1990-1991
1578001 and up 1991-1992

1993 Trolling Motors and Deckhands (use MK prefix and ended in "A")

1994 thru 2008 Trolling Motors and Deckhands (used 2 letter prefix followed by 2 letter year code)

2 Letter Prefix:  MK (Minn Kota), DH (Deck Hand), WW (Weedless Wedge), CP (Co Pilot), GN (Genesis), FR (Factory Reconditioned)

Next 2 Letter (Represent the Year) 

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

(Examples: MKAB = 2001, WWAG = 2006)

Serial Number System from 2009-2021

(Examples:  J001MK12345, N091DH12345

Code Day 001-365 Product Code Individual Serial Number
J 001 MK 12345
2009 Built January 1st Trolling Motor
N 091 DH 12345
2013 Built April 1st Deck Hand

Product Codes = AI (Battery Chargers), CN (Cannon Downriggers), CP (Co Pilot), FR (Factory Reconditioned), JU (Deckhand), MK (Trolling Motor), PT (Prototype), TT (Trim Tab, Trim & Troll), UM (iPilot)

Current Serial Number System (2022-Present)

These serial numbers will be a 5 digit date, 1 letter for the product category, followed by numbers.  The 5 digit date code will be YYDDD

(Example 22001M12345 = Manufacture Date of the 1st of January 2022)

 Year Code (YY) Day Code 001-365 (DDD) Product Category Serial Number
22 001 M 12345

Product Categories

 M Minn Kota
C Cannon
L CoPilot
F Factory Reconditioned
P Prototype
A Battery Chargers
U iPilot & Battery Chargers
J Deckhand

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