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Minn Kota Turbo Switch/Control Box Upgrade Kit TURBOSWKIT

Part Number:  TURBOSWKIT

Old Part Numbers:  2064020, 2064022

Minn Kota Turbo Switch and Control Box Upgrade Kit

Minn Kota Turbo models that originally used the 2064020 or 2064022 5 speed switch can upgrade to the 2064028 switch with this simple conversion.  This conversion can only be accomplished if the Minn Kota Turbo model has a handle that tilts up and down and was built between the years of 1993 - 1997.  These serial numbers will have the following designations after the MK:

  • Serial Number ends with an "A" - 1993
  • JE - 1994
  • JF - 1995
  • JG - 1996
  • JH - 1997

Parts included with this kit:

 Quantity Part Number Part Description
1 2064028 5 Speed Switch
1 2062551 Plastic Control Box Assembly FW
1 Instruction Sheet

Obsolete Switch Upgrade Instructions

Not sure if this part will fit your Minn Kota trolling motor?  Parts Diagrams

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