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Minn Kota Terrova to BT iPilot Upgrade Kit FW 2774157-24/36V

Part Number:  2774157-24/36V

Old Part Numbers:  1866200, 1866300, 2774057, 2880255, 2880270, 2990270

Minn Kota Freshwater Legacy Terrova to BT iPilot Upgrade Kit

This kit includes everything needed to upgrade all freshwater 24 and 36 volt Minn Kota Legacy Terrova trolling motor models to the newest BT iPilot system made by Minn Kota.  The control box assembly, control board and control board cover are included in this kit and will all need to be replaced to allow this conversion to work. Please be aware that after installing the iPilot system, you will no longer have use of your current foot pedal.  If a foot pedal is desired, you will need to purchase p/n 2994722.

Fits the following freshwater Minn Kota trolling motor models:

  • Minn Kota Terrova 80 models from 2007 - 2016
  • Minn Kota Terrova 101 models from 2007 - 2014
  • Minn Kota Terrova 112 models from 2014 - 2016


  • i-Pilot® GPS Trolling System: The most-trusted GPS system in fishing. i-Pilot® uses GPS to control your trolling motor with incredible features that keep you on the fish. Set Spot-Locks, record paths, control speed and steering, and more. i-Pilot makes boat positioning and control automatic, and you can take command from its easy-to-read large LCD screen.
  • Spot-Lock: Just press a button, and Spot-Lock will hold you in place with unparalleled GPS accuracy. Available on i-Pilot GPS systems, Spot-Lock gives you the power to stay right on top of any productive fishing spot automatically, without touching your trolling motor. Spot-Lock with jog can be accomplished by installing the provided heading sensor. You can use Jog to move your Spot-Lock location five feet in any direction. Activate Spot-Lock from the i-Pilot remote.
  • AutoPilot™: Automatically navigate your boat in any direction you choose. Just point the head of your trolling motor in the direction you want to travel, activate AutoPilot™, and your trolling motor will keep you on that heading automatically, even correcting for wind, waves and current.
  • Mobile App Compatibility: Control i-Pilot directly from your Apple® or Android™ device with our mobile app. You get quick command of speed, steering, Spot-Lock and Advanced AutoPilot — plus the ability to update i-Pilot software.

Parts included with this kit:

 Quantity Part Number (Old Part Numbers) Part Description
1 2774176 (2774062) Terrova BT iPilot Head Controller FW
1 2292500 Control Box Assembly FW
1 1866550 (2994075) iPilot BT Remote
1 2884706 (2224706) Insert Plug/Screw Kit FW
1 2390800 (2370817, 2370818, 2994862, 2994862R) Lanyard w/ Carabineer
1 2397106 iPilot BT Quick Reference Manual
1 2324971 iPilot Installation Instructions
2 2375400 Heat Shrink (Only needed for models equipped with US2)
1 1866680 (2996400) Heading Sensor BT
1 2774069 24/36v Control Board Assembly
2 2383428 Screw #4-24 x 3/8"
1 2320830 Power Button/Battery Meter Locking Tab
1 2326530 Control Board Cover/Center Housing FW
1 2325657 Power Status/Battery Meter Decal FW

In addition to the included instructions, you will need to remove the screw that holds the control box to the shaft of the trolling motor and install the new control box that is included with this kit.  You will also need to remove the existing control board located underneath the control board cover at the base of the trolling motor and install the new control board and control board cover also included with this kit.  These steps are not included in the installation instructions provided with the kit.  Please note, after installing the new control board and control board cover there will be a power button that needs to be pressed to turn on the trolling motor.  Installation instructions.

After the installation process has been completed and your trolling motor is connected to power you will need to learn the remote to the head controller.  Instructions are as follows:  iPilot BT Remote Pairing Instructions


Minn Kota iPilot BT Product Manual (1 of 5)

Minn Kota iPilot BT Product Manual (2 of 5)

Minn Kota iPilot BT Product Manual (3 of 5)

Minn Kota iPilot BT Product Manual (4 of 5)

Minn Kota iPilot BT Product Manual (5 of 5)

iPilot BT Quick Reference Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Joseph Shaffer (Houston, US)
Top notch

The service was great. You can tell when you call the spirit your employees immolate is they want to help.
Ryan was extremely helpful right down to making sure I had assembled the kit properly. Who does that? I’ll tell you, people who care, thanks for being there.

Ray Wolting (Guelph, CA)

What an awesome upgrade. Really works well. Thanks so much

Tim Schneider (Valparaiso, US)
Works perfectly

I had to make numerous calls, and all questions were answered. So easy to get in touch with a real person. The kit was easy to install. Better directions would be helpful, but I got through it. Took it out on the water recently and huge improvement in spot lock. No problems at all. Super happy with the outcome.

mike (Chippewa Falls, US)
Terrova upgrade

The conversion was relatively easy to do. Spo t lock is much improved as is the tracking.

Glenn Byrum (Columbus, US)
Minn Kota upgrades

I wanted a better spot lock experience and was just not getting that with my old Terrova trolling motor. So I made my order with Northland Marine. When I got the new unit I went to work on installing it . It is a little tricky if you're not mechanical inclined but if you are it's going to be easy and saves you lots of money. Most of the install is plug and play with lots of heat shrink that was supplied with the new unit. After the install I went to the water and performed the recommended calibration with the trolling motor and the directional puck. After that I went to the Dam and fished the tail races . It was an amazing difference between the old unit and the new Bluetooth unit . I just wish I had did this sooner. Highly recommend for those who want better spot locks and Easy fishing.

Tom M (Surprise, US)
Perfect fit and functions

Love it, had issues with another company. Spoke to Jason and Andrew, and they told me what was needed. I purchase the ipilot Bluetooth upgrade for my Terrova 80 24 v and installed it. Wow, what a diferance and everything works great. It’s nice to deal with a company that’s honest and knowledgeable. Thanks guys! Till next time when I need anything else.

robert Sandman
Terrova upgrade

Great customer service and everything showed up on a day earlier and they will help u thought if u do

Randy Jones (Havre, US)
Terrova upgrade

Shipping was fast, parts all fit, directions a little vague

Roy McCartney
Terrova Upgrade

Purchased a IPilot upgrade for a Legacy Terrova 80 trolling motor. Spotlock was not functioning at all. Called the number on the business card and to my surprise, I got a person instead of an answering machine. Jason and Ryan were very professional in their approach to troubleshoot problem over phone and walked me through several procedures in an attempt to repair the situation. Finally, Jason requested I send the head back for him to test. He tested the unit and when complete, he sent it back promptly. I received it 2 days after the test was complete. The only reason I gave them a 4 and not a 5 is the disclaimer on their website that they accept no electronic parts for return. I felt like I was stuck with a system that was not going to work but that was not the case. Thank you Northland for standing behind your sales.

Mark H

I recently purchased an I-Pilot control for my aging Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor. I had a little trouble wiring it and called Northland. They answered my 3 phone calls immediately and put a technician on the line each time. Together we got it figured out and it works like a top. Very good service.
Thank you Nortland!