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Minn Kota Plastic T Bar Kit TBARKITP

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Part Number: TBARKITP

Minn Kota Plastic T Bar Kit

The parts in this kit have been discontinued and are no longer available from Minn Kota.  However all Minn Kota models that have a black composite shaft can upgrade to a new styler transom bracket assembly.  Click here to upgrade to 2991815a.

  • The Plastic T Bar for pre 1998 transom brackets (which is now NO LONGER PRODUCED) is a frequently replaced part.
  • This kit includes all four parts you should need for making this repair.
  • We offer a discount for ordering two of these kits so that you may carry a spare in case you need to make this repair again.
  • Customers should consider replacing the entire Transom Bracket, as the newer bracket is compatible with the older motors and is a better design.

Parts included in this kit:

Quantity Part Number [Old Part Number(s)] Description
1 2033602 Plastic T Bar
1 2012700 Spring
1 2013000 E Clip
1 2010100 Push Button 

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