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Minn Kota Riptide PowerDrive BT

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Minn Kota Riptide PowerDrive BT

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Born with its Nose to the Grindstone

Riptide PowerDrive has been counted on for years by saltwater anglers who want reliable performance with smart boat control features. So naturally, we just made it better. A tougher, sleeker new mount houses an arsenal of reliable, innovative options. Nobody outworks a Riptide.

Riptide PowerDrive BT models with iPilot (No Foot Pedal)

Product Code Model Thrust Volts Shaft Length List Price
1363556 Riptide PowerDrive 55 w/ iPilot BT 55 12 48" $1,599.99
1363548 Riptide PowerDrive 55 w/ iPilot BT 55 12 54" $1,649.99
1363564 Riptide PowerDrive 70 w/ iPilot BT 70 24 54" $1,749.99

Riptide PowerDrive BT models with Co Pilot (No Foot Pedal)

 Product Code Model Thrust Volts Shaft Length List Price
1363558 Riptide PowerDrive/CP 55 BT 55 12 48" $1,049.99
1363559 Riptide PowerDrive/CP 55 BT 55 12 54" $1,099.99
1363565 Riptide PowerDrive/CP 70 BT 70 24 54" $1,199.99

How to determine the appropriate shaft length, thrust level and voltage for your boat

New iPilot

The most popular GPS trolling system now features a larger LCD screen and more intuitive control. Get the most accurate Spot-Lock ever, plus Advanced AutoPilot, track recording, and control of speed, steering and cruise control. Available on select models.

Minn Kota iPilot

Reinvented Spot Lock

(available on i-Pilot models)

We just took our most trusted GPS feature to the next level. Spot-Lock uses GPS to lock you onto a fishing spot, and now we've reengineered it to work smarter and hold you stronger and more accurately than ever. Updated with hardware and software algorithms for better accuracy, Spot-Lock is the most accurate GPS anchor ever. You can see for yourself with the new "Distance to Spot" reading on the remote, to show you just how close you are.

Minn Kota Reinvented Spot Lock

Co Pilot

CoPilot wireless remote system comes standard* giving you push-button control of prop on/off, speed and steering. The compact remote is waterproof and floats, and can be mounted on your lanyard or wrist for easy access.

*CoPilot remote comes standard on base Riptide PowerDrive models only. The i-Pilot remote replaces the CoPilot remote on motors that have i-Pilot pre-installed.

Minn Kota PowerDrive Co Pilot

Deploy Assist Lever

The deploy-assist lever puts you in motion and in pursuit of fish quickly and easily. Depress the lever to deploy the motor and you’re ready to go. When it’s time to move, it stows easily and securely – ready for action whenever you are.

Minn Kota Riptide PowerDrive Deploy Assist Lever 2019

Push to Test Battery Meter

The push-to-test battery meter on Riptide PowerDrive gives you an instant "state of charge" reading at the push of a button, so you can see just how much longer you have on the water.

Minn Kota Riptide PowerDrive Push to Test Battery Meter

Digital Maximizer

Motors with Digital Maximizer provide up to five times longer run time on a single charge by drawing only as much power as you need, so they don't waste any energy.  These motors are variable speed, so dial in your precise speed and let Digital Maximizer deliver the right amount of power, while conserving your battery - extending your time on the water.

Minn Kota Digital Maximizer

Weedless Wedge 2 Prop

Push weeds away and take on the thick stuff without battery-draining chopping and hacking. Weedless Wedge 2 features swept-back, flared blades for unrelenting, reliable prop performance.

Minn Kota Weedless Wedge 2 Prop

Saltwater Advantage

Advanced Corrosion Protection: Riptide's premium-grade alloys are fortified by a multi-step cleaning process, tough-as-nails armor plating & a durable, saltwater-resistant powder coat paint.  With layers of protection, the elements are truly protected. 

Fully Encapsulated Electronics: Marine-grade urethane fully encapsulates Riptide control boards to protect the electronic circuitry. All electrical connections are sealed with waterproof heat-shrink tubing to keep saltwater out.

Sacrificial Anode: We use metals that are properly balanced & a composite shaft to ward off galvanic corrosion. So the only piece left for saltwater to attack is this little zinc anode, which absorbs corrosion so the rest of the motor doesn't have to.

Minn Kota Saltwater Advantage

Minn Kota Advantage

Indestructible Composite Shaft: Pound for pound, Minn Kota's composite shaft is stronger than steel. It flexes on impact and won’t break, kink or corrode. That’s why Minn Kota is confident enough to guarantee it for life.  If they could guarantee it for longer than a lifetime, they would. 

Cool, Quiet, Power: Nothing runs cooler or more quietly than a Minn Kota. Their extra large windings and commutators dissipate heat, resulting in cooler operation, extended battery power, and longer motor life. And the unique bearing system reduces friction to cut fish-spooking noise. So quiet, they’ll never hear you coming. 

2-Year Warranty: This motor is backed up with Minn Kota’s two-year warranty.

Minn Kota Advantage

***International Warranty: Motors shipped outside of the United States will need to be taken to an Authorized Service Center (ASC) in the Country it was shipped to for warranty repair.  If no ASC is located in the country the motor was shipped to, the 2 year warranty is void.

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Don Bolenbarr

Northland had trolling motor I wanted sales person very helpful . It arrived within a few days good condition put on boat and was on the water by weekend works great will keep their name in my contacts for future thanks

Glenn T

Paired it with a ProNav Angler and it worked perfectly.

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