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Humminbird UC H89 Control Head Cover Helix 8/9 Models 780038-1

Product Code:  780038-1

Humminbird UC H89 Helix 8 and Helix 9 Silicone Control Head Cover

The UC H89 is a silicone cover for HELIX 8 and select HELIX 9 models that helps keep your fish finder protected when not in use.

  • Compatible with: HELIX 9 MSI GPS G4N, HELIX 9 MDI GPS G4N, HELIX 9 CHIRP GPS G4N, HELIX 8 MSI GPS G4N, HELIX 8 MDI GPS G4N, HELIX 8 CHIRP GPS G4N, HELIX 9 MSI GPS G3N, HELIX 9 MDI GPS G3N, HELIX 9 CHIRP GPS G3N, HELIX 8 MSI GPS G3N, HELIX 8 MDI GPS G3N, HELIX 8 CHIRP GPS G3N. Will not fit first-generation HELIX 9 or HELIX 9 G2N models (please see UC H910).
  • Not for use while trailering your boat
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty