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Minn Kota 24/36v Control Board Assembly 2774069V

Part Number:  2774069V

Old Part Numbers:  2324063, 2774069

Minn Kota Terrova BT and Riptide Terrova BT 24/36 Volt Control Board Assembly (1 Port)

Fits the following Minn Kota trolling motor models:

  • Minn Kota Terrova BT 80 models from 2017 - Present
  • Minn Kota Terrova BT 112 models from 2017 - Present
  • Minn Kota Riptide Terrova BT 80 models from 2017 - Present
  • Minn Kota Riptide Terrova BT 112 models from 2017 - Present

Parts included with this assembly:

 Quantity Part Number Part Description
1 2324063 24/36v Control Board Assembly
4 2305401 Shrink Tube - .374 ID x 1.5"
3 2305410 Shrink Tube - .315 OD x 2.25"
1 2305415 Shrink Tube - .472 ID x 2.25"
1 2325401 Shrink Tube - .750 ID x 2"

If you have lost steering function, please read:

Terrova and Riptide Terrova motors use drive housings that are specific to the voltage of the motor.  For example, a Terrova 55/ST 55 uses a 12-volt drive housing, a Terrova 80/ST 80 uses a 24-volt drive housing, and a Terrova 101 & Terrova 112/ST 101 & ST 112 use a 36-volt drive housing. To properly test the drive housing apply the voltage appropriate for the model directly to the drive housing leads while observing the drive housing amp draw. The amp draw under bench test, no load, conditions should be less than 2 amps for a 12-volt drive housing, and less than 1.5 amps for 24-volt and 36-volt drive housings. (NOTE: Reverse the polarity at the drive housing leads to check amp draw in both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.) If the drive housing amp draw exceeds the values listed (2 amps for 12-volt drive housings or 1.5 amps for 24-or 36-volt drive housings) suspect that the drive housing has taken out the steering circuit on the main control board.  (NOTE: When this has occurred the drive housing MUST be repaired or replaced prior to replacing the main board. If the higher than normal amp draw of the drive housing is not corrected the steering circuit on the new/replacement main control board will also fail.)

Not sure if this part will fit your Minn Kota trolling motor?  Parts Diagrams

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Ian (Wakefield, US)
Great experience

It’s not everyday you need a new control board and steering housing for your trolling motor, so I ordered from Northland Marine with a little trepidation after finding them on a google search. That being said, the products shipped fast to Rhode Island, and arrived in perfect condition. Both pieces were even in a water resistant packaging with plenty of bubble wrap! The products worked exactly as expected, and the included schematics came in handy after I had the motor ripped down and began reconnecting everything. All in all, ordering from Northland was a great experience. They turned what could have been a real bummer of a spring into only 1/2 day of fishing lost to repairs. Oh yeah, and the trolling motor is as good as new!

Lance Keene (Tampa, US)


James Matthews (Sydney, AU)
circuit board terrova

perfect fit great customer service

Ted Hamlin (Atlanta, US)

Great service and very informative

Phuc Nguyen (Bristol, US)
Minn Kota upgrade

Great service and fast shipping

Bryan Smith (Marshall, US)

great service

Kevin K

Knowledgeable people knew exactly what I needed shipped out same day was sitting on my porch on the second day

Bary T

Very fine people to do business with

Mike M

Fast Shipping Great Service THanks Mike

Bruce & Woodard

Very timely order all parts factory replacements. I will order from Northland again.

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